Stop wasting time and money searching for missing assets and WIP.

FactorySense RFID™ powers your value streams with realtime tracking for anything you can put a sticker on. Avoid expensive consultants, complicated engineering teams, and reinventing the wheel with our powerful out-of-the-box tracking functionality.

Rapid Deployment

Drive massive ROI

FactorySense's unique cloud-based model eliminates the need to design on-premises servers and databases, and allows your RFID system to go from idea to reality within weeks. Our deep experience working with electronics manufacturers means that we already understand the manufacturing landscape and can help you avoid re-inventing the wheel.

With FactorySense, you can have cutting-edge RFID installed in less time and with a lower budget.

Drive savings and increase traceability

Popular Use Cases Are Built-In

Aerospace and defense manufacturers use FactorySense RFID to drive cost savings, increase traceability, and eliminate production surprises. Popular use cases supported out of the box include:

WIP and Kits

Kit tracking is simple with FactorySense. Once kit boxes are tagged with an RFID sticker, FactorySense can automatically detect their locations, time in queue, and monitor load at all stages of your value streams and production lines.

Inventory: Eliminate Shortages

RFID-powered automatic checkin and checkout of materials eliminates manual error and inventory inaccuracies. Any item that you can put a sticker on can be tracked with FactorySense, so you can instantly see what is where.

Geofencing: Catch Escapes

Get alerts in realtime when materials enter prohibited locations or depart areas they should be contained to. Our geofencing module is incredibly easy to use, and notifications are near-instant.

Equipment and Assets

Eliminate lost equipment with realtime location data from your factory floor and offices. With FactorySense RFID, you will know where all materials are at all times, so lost equipment will be a thing of the past.

FactorySense is an all-in-one RFID system built for efficiency

We built a cloud-based system with out-of-the-box tracking for what matters most in manufacturing - including asset tracking, and material movement - to deliver maximum value to our user community.

Unlimited Users

No limits on the number of users who can access the system.

Single Sign-On

Utilize your company's existing SSO system to increase security and eliminate duplicate logins.

Reduce Scrap

Track waste and scrap materials from the point of generation to reduce costs.

Track Anything

RFID stickers can be attached to almost anything. If you can sticker it, you can track it in FactorySense.

Robust Reporting

Awesome reporting comes out of the box, and is customizable to your requirements.

Boundary Notifications

Get realtime notifications when a tracked item enters or leaves a prohibited area.

Realtime Notifications

Want to know when a material is moved? Realtime event notifications are included out of the box.

Customers Love Us

Customers love FactorySense RFID for its ease of use, speed of deployment, and fanatical support.