RFID Consulting Services

Not sure if RFID is the right solution for your challenges? We can come onsite and help.

On-Site Consulting

RFID Consulting & Site Surveys

If you're new to RFID or not sure how to fit the technology into your business, we can work together to conduct an on-site RFID Site Survey and develop a strategy and detailed action plan to integrate realtime location information into your business and value streams.

The process usually includes:

  • Preliminary calls to discuss the business, challenges, and desired outcomes from the new tracking system
  • Review of existing technology stack, ERP system, and how materials are currently tracked
  • A consultant will come to you and spend a full day on-site working with your materials in your environment
  • A custom report will be made (typically within 3 days of the visit) outlining the material flow, challenges, and opportunities for RFID along with a detailed action plan and timeline for implementation
  • The report is delivered, and a review call is scheduled with key points of contact
  • Any residual action items are followed-up on and actions are taken

What do RFID site surveys look like?

Every report is custom-tailored for the client's unique circumstances, but most include observations of the site, operational processes, desired outcomes, challenges, proposed changes with detailed actions and timelines, along with key performance indicators that would be measurably improved with RFID.

How much do RFID site surveys cost?

We bill a daily rate for time and travel expenses, so you only pay for the time needed to perform the survey. Most site surveys can be completed in a full business day, but larger sites may require additional days. Contact us for specifics.