RFID tracking for medical device and drug manufacturers

Mission-driven medical companies look to FactorySense RFID for a secure, stable, high-performance platform to enable digital transformations and increase performance

RFID Intelligence

Smarter Lab Spaces

RFID enabled lab spaces allow for tracking of equipment, tooling, and supplies
RFID-enabled lab space allows for tracking of equipment, tools, and supplies

We help manufacturers make their lab spaces more productive by making anything IOT-enabled. Are your labs struggling to track where equipment, tools, and consumable items have gone? We helped a global medical device manufacturer speed up development times, increase visibility into their labs, and save millions of dollars by putting an end to lost items.

  • Track equipment with 100% accuracy
  • Monitor supply levels and automatically "push" materials when, where, and as-needed
  • Track spare equipment supplies to ensure your labs never shut down because of missing items

What can you track with FactorySense?

Consumables and supplies

Lab equipment and calibration data

Chemicals and referigerated items

Perishables, including time-out-of-temperature remaining

RFID for Medical Device and Drug Manufacturers

Global Scale

Customers have deployed FactorySense worldwide to help eliminate inventory exceptions, speed up labs, find missing tools, and visualize out-of-sequence activities

Eliminate Manual Activities

We've used the realtime movement of materials and WIP to automate transactions in ERP and MES platforms, powering one source of accurate information

Real-Time Data for Decisionmakers

FactorySense is a realtime RFID system, meaning that activity is recorded and transactions are automated as material and inventory moves throughout your facilities

Support Good Manufacturing Practices

Track Work in Process

We know that medical companies are strongly mission-driven, and gaps in production can lead not only to lost revenue but to drugs and devices not ending up in the hands of those who need them. That's why we offer a fully-customizable WIP tracking system for medical customers to take maximum advantage of realtime visibility into their production floors.

Customers have used FactorySense to track WIP throughout their locations and plants and to coordinate production based on 100% accurate information. Stop planning by spreadsheet only to find that surprises are lurking. With FactorySense you'll always have accurate information about:

  • Work carts
  • Vessels
  • Kit boxes
  • Production equipment
  • Process timing
  • Manufacturing bottlenecks

How we’re different

FactorySense is a Passive RFID system, meaning that there are no expensive "hard tags" that are prone to malfunctioning and there are no batteries to change. Our RFID stickers can be placed on almost anything, and once stickered you'll have instant visibility into where that item is and where it has been.

We can combine realtime location data with a robust rule-set to automate transactions in your ERP or MES system, as well as trigger alerting before problems happen to drive increases in your yield and enhance traceability.