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FactorySense empowers companies with automated solutions that reduce costs, streamline business processes, and bring together disparate components into a simplified all-in-one RFID solution. This allows companies to track their most valuable and sensitive assets more efficiently and effectively, while also reducing waste through lost productivity, assets, and capacity. We are your trusted provider of industrial RFID solutions. Our cutting-edge RFID asset tracking software, inventory tracking system with RFID tags, and comprehensive RFID systems optimize warehouse management and enhance your operations. We also provide the internal location intelligence necessary for companies to go from chaos to order and create a more positive work environment for employees. Our goal is to make an impactful, innovative difference in how companies operate and function today.

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Our Mission

We lead by empowering multiple industries in raising the visibility of operations via innovation. We provide intelligent locating through unparalleled expertise in RFID and tailored solutions, which integrate fully with current systems.

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Our Vision

We revolutionize physical space and location management globally, via the insights provided by our consolidated, cost efficient and simple RFID solutions.

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FactorySense Goals

Our Purpose

We empower industries to seamlessly automate their processes, thereby improving visibility, reducing costs, avoiding waste, and ultimately creating a more efficient, connected workplace.

Our Values

What connects the people in our company? What’s at our core?

We work at the highest level of industry. We dislike the status quo and revolutionize the industries we work in, reducing waste, whilst making things better and simpler. We respect one another, creating harmony and long-term relationships, with both employees and our clients. We’re excited about the future and what’s possible but more importantly, what’s impossible now. Challenges simply need solutions.

Our values are intrinsically woven into the fabric of the business, through the development of aligned business policies, practices and processes.

Excellence & Simplicity

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We strive to be recognized as industry leaders in our chosen markets and in everything we do. We set high standards for ourselves and our work, and we’re always looking for ways to improve and exceed our clients' expectations. We set out to only employ people with similar personal standards, which is reflected in their work.  We embrace simplicity over complexity when designing solutions. This makes it easier for clients to adopt and use new technology. Simple solutions are often the most effective and we strive to make our solutions as user-friendly as possible.

Innovation & Expertise

We continuously develop and optimize our processes and solutions. We encourage employees to be alert and open to new ideas and technologies and to search constantly for brilliant ways to help meet the evolving needs of our customers and our rapidly changing market. As a result, we hire and retain the smartest and most committed professionals in the industry, who have a deep understanding of manufacturing operations and technology solutions. We value their knowledge and experience and actively provide opportunities for professional growth and development.

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Trust & Transparency:

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We strive to build trust and long-lasting relationships. We ensure transparency with customers by communicating regularly with all key stakeholders, providing a clear understanding of the services provided, the expected outcomes, and progress of the project. We value open and honest communication, always - with our clients and between employees.

Best Practices & Flexibility

We encourage employees to adopt a learn-as-you-grow mindset, while maintaining the highest possible standards. We use cross-industry best practices to innovate unique solutions for our clients. Having worked across an extremely wide range of industries, we’ve gained a wealth of knowledge and ideas. It’s made us more flexible and therefore better at designing solutions that fully integrate with current systems and processes. Every client is unique, so we tailor our solutions to meet their specific needs.

Best RFID Practices

Collaboration & Harmony

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We foster a unified approach to work. Our goal is to make collaboration across all departments and between team members seamless. By working together, we can achieve much greater things and provide the best possible solutions to our clients. This approach translates through to our relationships with our chosen Partners and Alliances.

Ready to optimize your manufacturing and supply chain operations with RFID technology? Discover how FactorySense can transform your business processes and drive operational excellence.

Why Work with Factory Sense?

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Choosing us as your RFID solution provider gives you these benefits:

  • Cutting-edge RFID technology tailored to your unique requirements
  • Extensive industry expertise and experience
  • Seamless integration with existing systems and processes
  • Reliable and scalable solutions for enterprises
  • Exceptional customer support and dedicated service
  • Proven track record of successful implementations

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