Eliminate missing assets with RFID tracking laser focused on assets, wip, and inventory.

Our cloud-first plug-and-play RFID system uses realtime item location information to drive measurable process improvements across your supply chain and factory floor. Become your company's superhero by eliminating lost items and perfecting inventory and supply chain accuracy.

Decrease cost and schedule inefficiencies

Know where everything is in real time

Eliminate inventory exceptions & manual cycle counting

Track anything you can put a sticker on like assets and travellers

No batteries to change, servers to manage, or databases to maintain

Fast installation and set-up - you can be up and running in weeks

People working on laptops

Valuable Metrics

Out of the box asset tracking

> 300 Million Transactions securely processed in FactorySense RFID.

>8 million Distinct SKUs currently tracked by FactorySense customers. Customers have tracked everything from calibrated assets to travellers successfully with FactorySense RFID.

99.8% Customer satisfaction according to our latest survey.

ONE Supplier for everything needed for your RFID system to work. FactorySense provides consulting, hardware, and cloud-based software as an integrated and cost-efficient platform.

Track Anything

What can you track with FactorySense RFID?

FactorySense is an all-in-one cloud-based RFID system that includes all of the hardware, RFID stickers, and other supplies you will need to start RFID tracking today.


Track your kits throughout their lifecycle - from issuance all the way through production.


Low-cost RFID stickers that can be attached to just about any type of inventory container allow you to keep 100% accurate inventory.


Tag your assets with RFID stickers and stop expensive equipment from getting lost. You'll always know what is where.

Travelers (Work Orders)

Want to know which jobs are where in your production line? All you need to do is attach a FactorySense RFID sticker to the back of your travelers and you'll have instant visibility.

Movement Notifications

Receive realtime notifications when items enter or leave prohibited areas.

Tools & Tooling

Reduce the amount of money wasted on replacing lost tools. With a durable RFID sticker attached, you will be able to find your tooling no matter where it is.

Dozens of ERP integrations to automate transactions in your ERP system


FactorySense is an all-in-one RFID system built for efficiency

We built a cloud-based system with out-of-the-box tracking for what matters most in manufacturing - including asset tracking, and material movement - to deliver maximum value to our user community.

Unlimited Users

No limits on the number of users who can access the system.

Single Sign-On

Utilize your company's existing SSO system to increase security and eliminate duplicate logins.

Reduce Scrap

Track waste and scrap materials from the point of generation to reduce costs.

Track Anything

RFID stickers can be attached to almost anything. If you can sticker it, you can track it in FactorySense.

Robust Reporting

Awesome reporting comes out of the box, and is customizable to your requirements.

Boundary Notifications

Get realtime notifications when a tracked item enters or leaves a prohibited area.

Realtime Notifications

Want to know when a material is moved? Realtime event notifications are included out of the box.

Customers Love Us

Customers love FactorySense RFID for its ease of use, speed of deployment, and fanatical support.

Why leading companies choose FactorySense RFID

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Speed of Deployment

FactorySense is cloud-first and plug-and-play, meaning your project will be up and running at lightning speed.


Leverage the security of our cloud-based system, or integrate with your company's own Single Sign-On (SSO) provider.

Enterprise-Level Service

From design to deployment to support, our team works hand-in-hand with our customers to ensure a successful project from RFP to installation.