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How do we provide flexible, integrated RFID solutions to multiple industries?
With insight, experience and an aim for excellence.

FactorySense empowers multiple industries in raising the visibility of operations via innovation. Our experienced RFID consultants provide expert guidance for seamless RFID implementation. We provide intelligent locating through unparalleled expertise in RFID systems, creating tailored RFID solutions which integrate fully with current systems.

Our RFID technologies enable industries to seamlessly automate their processes, thereby improving visibility and workflow, reducing costs, avoiding waste, and ultimately creating a more efficient, connected workplace.

Our unique cloud-based model eliminates the need to design on-premises servers and databases and allows your RFID system to go from idea to reality within weeks. Trust our RFID consultancy to optimize your business with the best RFID solutions. Reach out to our RFID consultants for guaranteed success.

We have a hands-on approach to RFID implementation.
There’s no DIY involved

RFID Consulting Services

Consulting can be divided into three areas:
assessment, implementation and long term project management.

Why is Site Assessment crucial?

An assessment of your site identifies the specific business needs and challenges you’ll be facing. And therefore lays the foundation for a successful deployment.  Our expert team conducts a thorough evaluation of existing infrastructure, processes, and goals - determining your tailor-made requirements for implementing RFID solutions.

We’ll also determine whether an RFID solution is suitable for your site and your requirements, as well as providing you with a cost benefit analysis - examining your ROI.  We’ll discuss maximizing the benefits of RFID technology, including cost saving, waste reduction and workflow improvements.

We’ll provide you with a clear plan of action for RFID implementation, including data architecture mapping, creating a seamless flow of accurate data, integrating current and new systems.

You’ll get an evaluation of your current asset tracking methods, identifying gaps and inefficiencies. We assess your facility’s layout to determine optimal RFID tag placement and RFID reader positioning.

You’ll gain valuable insights on how to get everything to work together quickly, optimizing operations for your specific site. We’ll analyse workflows and processes to identify potential bottlenecks, where RFID solutions can be specifically deployed to streamline operations.

Within your RFID solution, we’ll address security and privacy concerns, working to industry standards and best practice.

Upon completion of the RFID site assessment, we provide you with a comprehensive assessment report that outlines our findings, recommendations, and a roadmap for RFID implementation. This tailored report empowers you with actionable insights to optimize your operations, reduce costs, enhance productivity, and achieve your business goals.

RFID Consulting Services

Why is end-to-end project management vital?

With a professional installation, your RFID system will be up and running much faster and will be better integrated. With on-site training, we’ll assist employees with adoption of the new system and technology.

Our expert project management team takes charge of the entire RFID implementation process, ensuring a seamless deployment. We coordinate with vendors, technicians, and internal stakeholders, providing RFID hardware, RFID software, design, and advice. We flexibly integrate current systems, so that all applications will communicate effectively.

We integrate regularly with over 180 third-party services, including most ERP platforms like SAP, Oracle, and Infor.

During implementation, we conduct thorough testing and quality assurance, taking your new RFID system to the highest standards of reliability and accuracy. We’ll provide comprehensive training sessions for your employees to facilitate a smooth transition to the new RFID system, with change management strategies fostering a positive adoption of the technology.

After the RFID system is deployed, we continue to monitor its performance, providing ongoing support, in the form of help desks and other support systems.

What are other industries using RFID for?

We provide intelligent RFID locating solutions to multiple industries.
Serving so many industries means we’re continually developing new ideas on the best way to solve things.
In the process, we become even more flexible in our thinking.  

Wondering how an RFID solution could benefit your operation?

Let’s see what upsides others find in this technology:

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There’s nothing like losing 200 camouflaged parachutes, somewhere in a Canadian forest.

If each of your assets have an RFID tag, no matter how good the camouflage, your parachutes are never lost. With a handheld tracker, you can easily find them, just as if you had a perfectly accurate treasure map. Then bunch them up and put them away for another jump, with out any waste.

FactorySense RFID for Aerospace Icon


There’s nothing like a rocket launch in Florida, when the safety strap for the astronaut is somewhere in Canada.

Every big thing is made from hundreds and thousands of small things. Common things are fine. But when it’s specialized and made from a precious metal, like many components in Aerospace, it’s best for you to know the precise location of every single one, with an RFID tag and a tag reader.

FactorySense RFID Readers and Antennas


There’s nothing like the Monaco Grand Prix, when your ignition component is near Chicago.

We all know electronic components can be exceptionally small. An RFID solution can help you keep an eye on miniscule things - down to the size of an eyelash. So they can’t get lost in a factory near Chicago and you can see on the app that everything is properly packed and loaded in the same case as the other ones that are flying to the South of France.

RFID for medical and biotech industries


There’s nothing like supplying 2000 refrigerated vaccine units to Quebec. And finding there’s 1000 left in a car park, in Nevada.

Vaccines and other medicines need refrigerated factories and transport. It’s pricey as well as risky. So it’s very comforting knowing that even in Nevada, every tiny container can have its optimal temperature monitored and maintained, through an RFID enabled temperature control system.  And you’d know precisely how many little SKUs are on board the truck to Quebec.

RFID Consulting


What are the benefits to our customers?

Well - most of them
wish they’d done it before.

Our clients usually see a huge reduction in cost and waste within a few weeks of implementing their new RFID system.

Their operation becomes much more efficient, with fewer bottlenecks and snarl ups which means higher productivity and a smoother, more predictable job for employees.

Asset tracking becomes vastly more accurate. Employees find it easier to do their jobs. There are far fewer lost assets and far less waste as inventory, WIP buckets and travellers remain on the correct path, within the process, at all times. There are no ‘dark spots’ where things can go wrong or go missing.
Warehousing becomes much more predictable as production is more predictable.

Overall, our customers find a vast improvement in productivity and workflow after the system is installed.

Approach and Expertise

How do we approach each new RFID solution? Very carefully.

Each client receives a tailored solution because we know that no two businesses are the same. We want our customers’ experience of RFID solutions to be optimal, because we know it can revolutionize businesses, when it’s done perfectly.

We maintain best practices, so that our clients can benefit not just from industry standards but from a striving for higher standards. A culture of collaboration and knowledge sharing helps us to do this, connecting all our RFID expertise.

As it’s more practical for our clients, we aim for simplicity in design. The complexity is already inside the RFID tags and readers.

Our clients have noted that our team members are the best in the business and love what they do, possessing deep knowledge of manufacturing operations and RFID technology solutions.

As a client, you’ll come to realise that we are utterly committed to hiring the smartest professionals in the industry to design and implement your RFID project and to follow through with the project management.

Every one of our employees strives for excellence in customer care and is chosen for their attention to detail.

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Expert RFID Consulting offering tailored solutions for streamlined operations and asset tracking.

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Extensive RFID hardware range of robust tags, advanced readers, powerful antennas and printers.

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RFID software – factorysense.io – real-time tracking with insightful analytics for optimized operations.

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RFID services from consulting to solution design, installation, integrations, training and support.


Our values

We’re committed to excellence, collaboration, transparency, innovation, simplicity, collaboration.
We find that by sticking to these values, we achieve the best outcomes for our customers and for our employees and that this magic combination usually results in long-term relationships.

Does this sound like something that might help improve your workflows and cut costs?

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