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Our software will revolutionize your manufacturing and supply chains.

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Gain unparalleled accuracy, efficiency, and visibility in tracking and managing your assets and inventory. Streamline asset tracking and inventory management with our RFID tracking software and harness the power of RFID data analytics for efficient operations.

With real-time asset tracking, automated inventory management, work in progress monitoring, geofencing capabilities and data analytics, you’ll be empowered to optimize production processes and make data-driven decisions.

Our defence-grade secure cloud-based software - FactorySense.io - seamlessly integrates with existing systems and offers unlimited user access with single user sign-on. We also provide comprehensive implementation support. You’ll see a new era of efficiency and control, when you experience what our RFID solutions can do for your site. Book your personalized demo today.

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FactorySense.io RFID tracking software is exceptionally powerful - streamlining manufacturing operations and delivering unparalleled accuracy, efficiency, and visibility.

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Real-time Asset Tracking

Effortlessly monitor and track assets in real-time across your manufacturing facilities, eliminating time-consuming searches. Gain precise location information instantly, enabling efficient asset utilization and streamlined operations.

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Inventory Management

Optimize workflows and minimize losses with complete visibility and control over your inventory, from raw materials to finished products.  Automate stock counts, prevent stockouts and overstocking, and ensure optimal inventory levels for uninterrupted operations.

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Work in Process

Accurately track and manage inventory during different production or assembly stages. Gain real-time visibility into item status and location as they move through workstations, ensuring seamless workflow management and optimized production processes.

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Effortlessly define virtual boundaries or geofences around specific areas to monitor unauthorized movements or departures. Receive real-time alerts and notifications, ensuring immediate awareness and enhanced security.

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Data Analytics and Reporting

Analyze performance metrics, identify bottlenecks, and make informed decisions to improve productivity and reduce costs. Real-time notifications provide timely alerts for trigger events, enhancing overall efficiency.

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Security and Privacy

Robust security measures, adhering to industry standards, protect sensitive information. User access controls ensure authorized personnel access and management of data.

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Implementation and Support

Experience a smooth and hassle-free implementation process with guidance from our team. Comprehensive support channels, training resources, documentation, and responsive customer support ensure a successful integration.

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Unlimited Users

Enable secure collaboration and efficient asset and inventory management, by flexibly providing access to an unlimited number of users.

Single User Sign-On

Single User Sign-on

Streamline login with single user sign-on, providing convenient access to all software functionalities, with just one set of credentials.

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Integration, compatibility and connectivity.
We’ll get all systems talking, like long lost cousins.

Existing systems such as ERP and warehouse management, seamlessly integrate with factorysense.io ensuring data accuracy and improved efficiency through system
interoperability. We integrate with over180 enterprise applications and we also have
the flexibility to integrate other tracking solutions with factorysense.io. See some of
the major solutions we integrate with.

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