FactorySense and Northrop Grumman Named Finalists in the RFID Journal 2024 Awards for Best Large-Scale Deployment of RFID

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Latest News!  FactorySense and Northrop Grumman Win Runner Up in the RFID Journal 2024 Awards for Best Large-Scale Deployment of RFID

Texas, USA - March 11, 2024 - FactorySense, in partnership with Northrop Grumman, has won runner up in the esteemed RFID Journal 2024 Awards for Best Large-Scale Deployment of RFID. The awards, which honor exceptional achievements in radio frequency identification (RFID) technology, will be presented at RFID Journal LIVE! 2024 on April 11th.

Challenges Addressed and Solutions Implemented

Northrop Grumman's Space Park campus in Redondo Beach, California, spanning 1.5 million square feet and 46 buildings, faced significant challenges in managing work orders and assets.  Manual tracking methods were inadequate, leading to asset losses, and inefficiencies in work-in-process management.  To address these challenges, the RFID implementation project aimed to reduce asset losses, streamline inventory management, improve product lifecycle management, and boost operational efficiency.

FactorySense's 'RFID in a Box' solution was selected for its comprehensiveness and deep aerospace experience. The RFID hardware and software deployed by FactorySense demonstrated a nuanced understanding of Space Park's layout dynamics, environmental constraints, and security requirements. The solution provided actionable insights for informed decision-making and facilitated proficient system utilization among Space Park staff.

Outcomes and Impact

The RFID implementation project yielded significant benefits, including a substantial reduction in lost assets, labor savings on search activities, improvements in customer service through timely deliveries, efficiency increases in production cycles, and operating performance improvements driven by cost savings and ROI acceleration.

  • Reduction in Lost Assets:  Real-time tracking and asset management resulted in a projected 33% reduction in lost asset value in the first year alone.
  • Labor Savings: Post RFID implementation, labor hours saved on go-finds is projected to surpass 50% in the first year at Space Park.
  • Customer Service Improvements: The RFID solution has brought about substantial improvements in customer service, particularly in meeting critical delivery deadlines.
  • Efficiency Increases and Production Time: The efficiency gains resulting from RFID implementation are quantifiable through the reduction in hours spent on 'go finds.'
  • Economic Feasibility:  The 'RFID in a Box' system presents an economically viable investment for Northrop Grumman, driven by its cost-saving potential and ROI acceleration.


The FactorySense RFID implementation at Northrop Grumman's Space Park facility represents a transformative journey towards operational excellence in aerospace manufacturing. By addressing critical challenges and leveraging innovative technology, Northrop Grumman has redefined asset management and set new standards for efficiency and productivity.

FactorySense eagerly anticipate the final results and look forward to presenting their ground-breaking achievement at the RFID Journal LIVE! 2024 event.

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